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Operation Training Devices - FSC 6930

Link Trainers; Automatic Pilot Training Devices; Drift Meter Training Devices; Celestial Navigation Trainers; Dead Reckoning Navigation Trainers; Instrument Flying And Landing Trainers; Terrain Projection Trainers; All Operational Training Devices Except Communication And Armament.
Last Modified: May 25, 2019

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Trainer, Flight Simulator A/F37A-T88
Trainer, Electrical Power System, A/F37A-T26A
Trainer, Flight Simulator AN/ASQ-T12C
Simulator, Detonating Device, Ejec N51476-731
Sub-floor Equipment 2037044-02
Console Installatio 2037059-05
Trainer, Flight Simulator 2113000-001
Cable 2884
Hard Copy Printer 2927
Shield-transformer 16-12825
Indicator 908A1D1-90K
Indicator 908A1D1G221J190 K
Test Unit, Remote Control 2705
Coil-tube Defletion 4243
Yoke Assembly 4243-01
Cable 5459-04
Cover, Protective 37675910-001
Deionization Elemen 14507
Simulator, Detonating Device, Ejec N51281-736
Simulator, Detonating Device, Ejec N51281-735
Simulator, Detonating Device, Ejec N51281-725
Head Assembly, Train 201096-003
Cable Assembly 37669668-
Spindle Assembly 97721-003
Simulator, Detonating Device, Ejec 5150233210 INERT
Lamp 90KF4
Brush, Disk 93008-001
Reducer D6-8
Repair Kit, Accumulator 0035-702970
Training Aid, Seat 308T120-1
Interface Control Assembly, Simul 7328365G1
Interface Control Assembly, Simul 3329715
Trainer, Measuring Instrument 10.1383
Simulator, Detonating Device, Ejec 816739-3112-INERT
Simulator, Detonating Device, Ejec 816739-3116-INERT
Simulator, Detonating Device, Ejec 816739-3118-INERT
Simulator, Detonating Device, Ejec 816739-4102-INERT
Simulator, Detonating Device, Ejec 816739-4104-INERT
Simulator, Detonating Device, Ejec 816739-4110-INERT
Simulator, Detonating Device, Ejec 816739-5042-INERT
Simulator, Detonating Device, Ejec 816739-6044-INERT
Simulator, Detonating Device, Ejec 816751-5027-INERT
Simulator, Detonating Device, Ejec 816751-5046-INERT
Simulator, Detonating Device, Ejec 816751-6043-INERT
Guide, Follower 392006
Cam Latch 401-0282-00
Indicator, Stabilization Data 27 FMR-S
Trainer, Propulsion System 914123000-009
Trainer, Aircraft Engine Operatin 921040000-009
Trainer, Flight Simulator A/F37A-T84
Chassis 2108701-6
Trainer, Electrical Power System, A/E37M-T9
Trainer, Maintenance Systems, Airc 8721AC00000
Load Unit Assemlby- 10400-10
Trainer, Flight Simulator 3150000-601-111
Shock Absorber ASB7/8-2-FS-99
Trainer, Salinity Indicating Syst TD156-0101-0001
Trainer, Circuit Breaker TD156-0304-0001
Trainer, Trim And Drain Flow Indi TD156-0103-0001
Chamber, Condenser 321648
Trainer, Airborne Procedures A/F24A-T5
Trainer, Ejection Seat 16G3100-811
Input System, Touch 8001-4132-02
Simulator, Flight Environment 2500
Trainer, Test Set TD156-0301-0001
Guard, Top Stick A12896228400
Trainer, Flight Simulator 1531-1486
Control, Trainer TD156-0302 ITEM 1
High Speed Data I F 159-009130-001
Drive System 159-008140-002
Timing Belt TB7EF4-120
Trainer, Maintenance Systems, Airc 25-92300-1
Horn, Diffraction 8HD
Filter, Hydraulic DF30-1CC3-0-MS
Status And Control 778292-2
Central Suppression AA9804-1
Test Box 2072269-6
Drive Assembly, Ribb 2208260-8000
Simulator, Navigational Controls 321422-1
Heater WM12BB003
Valve Plate Package 6D75163
Valve Plate 6D75253
Monitor 5114-P39
Indicator, Distance 05-156
Display Assembly, Trainer 910100720-249
Graphics Table 4607
Trainer System, Trident Facility TD156-0306 ITEM 1
Panel, Display, Training 914123136-009
Indicator System TD156-0108 ITEM 1
Cell, Control TD156-0303 ITEM 1
Panel, Display, Training 914123135-009
Interface Control Assembly, Simul 509-00104-02
Trainer, Measuring Instrument 906101718-001
Trainer, Avionics A/E24M-T4
Trainer, Maintenance Systems, Airc A/E37M-T13
Cleaner, Disk Cartridge RKOK-5-AB
Arm, Impulse 414593-02
Brace, Seat 414510
Brace, Seat 392017
Cover, Brace, Seat 7465543-01

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