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Operation Training Devices - FSC 6930

Link Trainers; Automatic Pilot Training Devices; Drift Meter Training Devices; Celestial Navigation Trainers; Dead Reckoning Navigation Trainers; Instrument Flying And Landing Trainers; Terrain Projection Trainers; All Operational Training Devices Except Communication And Armament.
Last Modified: May 20, 2019

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Arm, Ejection Seat 7465609-05
Brace 392109
Brace, Seat 7465308-01
Guard, Elbow 7465475-02
Brace, Seat 7465308-05
Trainer, Ejection Seat J119191-511
Trainer, Ejection Seat J119191-515
Trainer, Ejection Seat J119191-513
Trainer, Ejection Seat J119090-505
Interface Device Mo CDM/TF-MSE
Indicator Pictorial 622-4778-001
Compressor 06QX1515
Bearing NF12BA001
Motor DF12AB012
Timer DR12BA001
Valve EP21BH181
Drier KH45LD118
Training Set, Maintenance, Compute ANBSC1T1
Training Set, Maintenance, Compute ANBSC1T2
Jack Assy, Simulator 170-701-0121
Coupling Flexible 3015-12MM-8MM
Coupling Flexible 3005-12-8MM
Blower Assembly 0075889887
Panel, Display, Training TK6739451-0001
Panel, Display, Training TD156-0453-01-1
Processor, System VDS-1000-1210
Processor, Frame VDS-1000-1350
Panel, Display, Training TD156-0401-14
Board, Generator VDS-1000-1330
Module, Light Point VDS-1000-1370
Board, Generator VDS-1000-1380
Matrix Push Button Assembly 171/84444
Fan Tray VDS-1000-1045
Blower VDS-1000-1046
Maintenance Support Kit 159-008585-001
Control, Trainer 5947775-0001
Trainer Subassembly TD156-0151 ITEM 1
Trainer Subassembly SVSK117404 ITEM 1
Trainer Subassembly TD156-1451-0001
Adaptor, Device 76579-93508
Trainer, Ship Handling 5947749-0001
Control, Trainer 5947777-0001
Trainer Subassembly TD156-0853-0001
Trainer, Ship Handling 5947754-0001
Controller Assembly 613893-202
Trainer, Ship Handling 5947750-0001
Ring Kit 45122-K073
Trainer, Pneumatic System, Aircraf 910230000-009
Converter Module VMIVME3100
Output Module, Analog VMIVME4100
Output Megamodule VMIVME2120
Backplane-chassis VMIVMEP120ANDVMIVME120
Panel, Display, Training OPTIXX MKXX 39.5X39.5
Screen, Touch E274-13
Controller, Touch Sc E271/141
Bus Controller 76579-93561
Mask Assembly 257251-002
Kit, Header 257435-006
Kit, Prom DAP257512-999
Pulley, Motor 817210-001
Controller, Graphic 4325
Input Megamodule, Di VMIVME1110
Horn, Warning 5019284-001
Indicator, Course 2756A/430-0007-003
Trainer Subassembly 76CT1-104
Backplane VMIVMEA05
Workstation, Training W-3020
System Fault Monitor Card 208105-101
Processor, Arithmetic 208112-100
Light Valve Assembl 91679589
Analog Box DCTM-V-135-3
Tape Streamer 540F
Printer Assy 208323-202
Generator VDS-1000-1345
Trainer, Automatic Flight Control 89113570
Trainer, System Support Center TYPE B1
Trainer, Engine A/E32M-T2
Trainer, Cargo Door Rails A/E42M-T7
Trainer, Landing Gear System, Airc 11314-41006-010
Training Set, Task Procedures A/E24M-T6
Training Set, Evaluation Performa A/E37M-T15
Trainer, Refueling Receptacle A/E37M-T17
Trainer, Air Conditioning System A/E37M-T16
Sensor, Pressure 402861-01
Panel, Control 5012528-025
Tractor 610430-11
Tractor 610430-02
Tractor 610430-03
Tractor 610430-04
Detector, Paper Moti 610288-01
Belt, Tractor Drive 402308-21
Hammer Bank 608662-01
Shield, Ribbon 608833-02
Platen 608601-1
Motor Ribbon 5012531-009
Corrector Time Base VDS-1000-1451
Brake Electromagnet EPB-70-1112-24
Chassis 76579-93551
Boot Filter D-231-100-4
Boot Filter D-231-100-5

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