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Operation Training Devices - FSC 6930

Link Trainers; Automatic Pilot Training Devices; Drift Meter Training Devices; Celestial Navigation Trainers; Dead Reckoning Navigation Trainers; Instrument Flying And Landing Trainers; Terrain Projection Trainers; All Operational Training Devices Except Communication And Armament.
Last Modified: Jun 24, 2019

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Priority Prcs B 63D727884G2
F3 Color Processor 63D727039G108
Video Memory 63D727039G109
Mask Prcs 63D727527G107
Maintenance Monitor 63A143708P1
Cell Tex Gen A 63D727887G2
Cell Tex Gen B 63D727990G1
Unit 103 63E916198G1
Control Assy Joysti 63D729102G1
Power Monitor Panel 63D721907G2
Indicator Simulated 1956-12
Indicator Simulated 2359-07
Indicator Simulated 2016-02
Indicator Simulated 2071-04
Indicator Simulated 1956-11
Indicator Simulated 1956-10
Indicator Simulated 2414-11
Indicator Simulated 2414-12
Indicator Simulated 2359-08
Indicator Simulated 2461-03
Indicator Simulated 2195-06
Fmp Mt 63D727883G19
Mask Prcs Ciu B 63D727039G107
Windower Orderer 63D727043G84
Fep Dcm Ciu A 63D727884G3
Tape Streamer AR2060L
Indicator Simulated 1990-04
Indicator Simulated 2521-01
Trainer, Porpulsion System 910279000-009
Trainer, Electrical Power System, 910280000-009
Trainer, Aircraft Environmental C 910281000-009
Trainer, Aircraft Engine Operatin A/E37M-T32
Trainer, Fuel System, Vehicular A/E37M-T21
Cabinet Kit H-AS-CABASY-39
Trainer, Fuel System, Vehicular A/E37M-T35
Screen Hud AD937-00260-001
Probe Assembly Training AY930-00442-001
Audio Control Training AY930-00448-001
Panel Assembly, Ac Power AY930-00441-001
Keypad Assembly AY930-00444-001
Panel, Display, Training 00574-100
Plate, Tail Rotor As T103226-101
Simulator Assembly T103224-101
Light Valve 91701330
Control, Simulator 63D726880G1-4
Indicator Simulated 2018-28
Indicator Simulated 2109-04
Indicator Simulated 1870-10
Indicator Simulated 2461-05
Indicator Simulated 2559-01
Indicator Simulated 2359-12
Interface Control Assembly, Simul 822-0777-001
Personal Virtual Reality Imaging 1000HRPV VIM PERSONAL VIEWER
Personal Virtual Reality Imaging 500HRPV VIM PERSONAL VIEWER
Hanger Simulator 412-240-035-101
Hanger Simulator 412-240-034-101
Hanger Simulator 412-240-033-101
Panel, Control, Electrical-electro H-AS-CABASY-22
Indicator Simulated PS280345.01.5.607
Indicator Simulated PS280344.01.5.607
Indicator Simulated M4493
Trainer, Flight Simulator KC-10/WST
Trainer, Fuel System, Vehicular 16G3300-805
Trainer, Cockpit Procedures 110-025-0001
Trainer, Weapon System, Aircraft 93130046-001
Trainer, Weapon System, Aircraft 93130046-002
Trainer, Weapon System, Aircraft A/E24U-T13(V)3
Trainer, Weapon System, Aircraft A/E24U-T14(V)1
Trainer, Weapon System, Aircraft A/E24U-T15(V)2
Trainer, Weapon System, Aircraft A/E24U-T15(V)1
Trainer, Weapon System, Aircraft A/E24U-T14(V)2
Trainer, Boom Operator 100-024-0001
Cargo Simulator 100-014-0001
Control Subassembly, Simulator ZC8-40-010-1
Hammer Tip Alignment 103085-001
Interface Control Assembly, Simul 822-0820-001
Interface Control Assembly, Simul A3204305
Helicopter, Flight Trainer A/F37A-T101
Trainer, Compass System, Aircraft 10-2594
Adapter Board 404
Assembly, Detector 12941257
Repeater Assembly 12936283
Protective Mask, Int 12936281
Man Worn Detection 12936279
Chemical Agent Alar 12936280
Trainer, Automatic Flight Control DAA6900J900-001
Indicator Simulated C10294-1
Panel, Display, Training 703656-004
Simulator, Situation, Electronic 109-A0052-1
Training Library, Aircrew 37664028-004
Training Library, Maintenance 37664028-005
Flight Crew Station 37664019-005
Flight Crew Station, Simulator 37664000-009
Trainer, Support Center 37664025
Fuel Maintenance Station 37664000-010
Hydraulic Maintenance Station 37664000-011
Simulated Flight Crew Station 37664022-003
Indicator Simulated 10-1086
Indicator Simulated 10-1088
Indicator Simulated 10-1087

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