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Operation Training Devices - FSC 6930

Link Trainers; Automatic Pilot Training Devices; Drift Meter Training Devices; Celestial Navigation Trainers; Dead Reckoning Navigation Trainers; Instrument Flying And Landing Trainers; Terrain Projection Trainers; All Operational Training Devices Except Communication And Armament.
Last Modified: Jun 19, 2019

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Spring, Course Recor V16109
Disc Assembly, Slip 035
Indicator, Teltorque 55859
Indicator, Tachomete 254BK037
Flange, Mounting 657CK3C
Teletorque, Base Uni 779C0120
Indicator, Radio Com 867C012031
Indicator, Altimeter 919012024
Indicator, Simulated, Direction 931B-012033-0
Indicator-turn And 1705-2TA2M
Indicator, Turn And 1705-2TB2M
Indicator, Turn And 1723-2AAB2M
Indicator, Turn And 1723-2BBB4
Control Assembly, Ap 87029
Card Assembly 10032
Card Assembly 10033
Card Assembly 10042
Pen Guide, Left Hand 3466
Pen Guide, Right Han 3467
Drum Assembly, Numbe 3849
Carrier And Brush A 40008-1
Ring And Wire Assy 40052
Marker, Drum Assy 40101
Drum Assy 40103
Coupling And Stud A 41163
Drum Assembly, Numbe 41286
Drum Assembly, Numbe 41287
Drum Assembly Numbe 601010
Spring 6085
Shoe, Brake Altitude 6156
Drum Assy 617-2
Drum-resistance Assembly 618-2
Coupling Assembly 843
Mounting Post H22-1
Covering, Hood Lumar 13684
Gear Assembly, Pinio 73842
Gear Box Assembly, Q 88150
Brake Assembly Trim 428382
Bar, Locking, Card 564254
Character 2033-2140
Matrix S 2033-2150
Horizont 2033-2160
Bias Network 2033-2170
Rotator 2033-2120
Mixer 2033-2190
Circle G 2033-2210
Gated Mu C04-0179
Video Li C04-0344
Outer Le C04-0033
Input Le C04-0032
Deflection C10-0012
Control Capsule, Indicator Lights 437417
Mirror Number One 35725-1
Mirror 36707
Carriage, Recorder 324923
Indicator, Trim, Rudd 665598B92117-01
Housing, Vertical Speed M1972-11
Load Cell 665598B92122-01
Trainer, Flight Simulator A/F37A-T40
Servomechanism, Cont B484477
Analyzer, Simulator 624327
Capacitor Network 512534-01
Panel, Control Afcs D06G0021-1
Regulator, Shunt A10138
Flash Head 290-1273-500-2
Pellicle 290-1190-500
Roller Assembly BC4061-2
Roller Assembly BC4244-1
Roller Assembly BC4258-1
Indicator Simulated 132D5D1257-1
Indicator Simulated 132D5D1306-1
Indicator Simulated 132D5D1307-1
Indicator Simulated 132D5D1309-1
Indicator Simulated 648409
Indicator Simulated 648410
Indicator Simulated 861520
Indicator Simulated 580-571
Spring Return Center Null I0854
Module, Emitter Follower 215TE0225-1
Simulator, Training 119318
Indicator Simulated 861566
Indicator Simulated 861567
Circuit Card Unit 85669-1
Circuit Card Unit 85669-2
Circuit Card Unit 85669-3
Circuit Card Unit 86370-2
Circuit Card Unit 86370-3
Circuit Card Unit 86370-4
Clamp, Rim Clenching 475335
Panel Assembly 652875
Counter, Barometric 1513-1
Trainer, Pilot 12A12A
Flange Assembly, Mou 671CK902B
Sleeve Assembly9 13152
Valve Assembly, Cent 13165
Valve Assembly, Cent 13166
Arm, Air Speed Follo 13176
Bracket, Airspeed Fo 13193
Bed Plate 35565
Core, Aural Null Mag 43491

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