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Specialized Shipping And Storage Containers - FSC 8145

Specially Designed Components (not Elsewhere Classifiable) Peculiar To Special Shipping And Storage Containers As Delimited Under This Class.
Last Modified: Apr 05, 2020

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Cover, Shipping And Storage Conta 31-15-5756-10
Shipping And Storage Container, M AL3226-1604-133
Container, Special WFI-C10-NBC-G
Container, Special WFI-500-G
Container, Special WFI-500-T
Shipping And Storage Container, C 3079419-101
Shipping And Storage Container, M 5VG90770-113
Container, Special WFI-C10-NBC-T
Container, Special WFI-C130-NBC-G
Container, Special WFI-C5/C17-NBC-G
Container, Special WFI-C130-NBC-T
Container, Special WFI-C5/C17-NBC-T
Container, Special WFI-MCC-G
Container, Special WFI-MCC-T
Ramp, Loading, Collapsible Contain WFI-C141-R
Container, Special WFI-C141D-SL4-G
Container, Special WFI-C130D-SL4-G
Container, Special WFI-C10D-SL4-G
Shelter, Mobile Sys 99065-A1
Shelter, Mobile Sys 99065-A4
Shelter, Mobile Sys IDP894680ST
Shelter, Mobile Sys 99035-A2
Shelter, Mobile Sys 99035-A4
Modification Kit, Shipping And St 8920-020
Shipping And Storage Container, M 5178309
Ball Lock Assembly 596-7409761-A15
Interlock Assembly 596-7409761-A2
Interlock Assembly 596-7409761-A3
Ball Lock Assembly 596-7409761-A7
Interlock Assembly 596-7409761-A9
Interlock Assembly 596-7409761-A10
Transit Case Assemb 13497079-002
Case, Switch 05019971
Case, Simulator 13311273-001
Case, Simulator 13311274-001
Container, Special WFI-O220-SLC-G
Container, Special WFI-O320-SLC-G
Container, Special WFI-C141D-SL4-T
Container, Special WFI-C130D-SL4-T
Container, Special WFI-C10D-SL4-T
Container, Special WFI-O220-SLC-T
Container, Special WFI-O320-SLC-T
Container, Special WFI-APC-333-T
Sling, Bottom Left Q2500AA-400
Shipping Container 56190-000
Shipping Container 56290-000
Shipping And Storage Container, M 60172
Shipping And Storage Container, M 56129-032
Runner 596-7049361-28
Runner B541-1402-16
Shipping And Storage Container, M 7349918-001
Container, Special WFI-C10-NB-T
Container, Special WFI-C10-NB-G
Support, Shipping And Storage Con 50214
Shipping And Storage Container, M 56180-000
Tray Assembly 15700007
Tray Assembly 15700013
Tray Assembly 15700014
Tray Assembly 15700024
Tray Assembly 15700025
Tray Assembly 15700026
Container, Shelf System GO/10/15/1000S
Container, Shelf Sys GO/10/15/STD/2T
Container, Shelf Sys GO/10/15/2000S
Container, Shelf Sys GO/10/15/BAT/1T
Base, Glide-out GOSEC10/15/BASE
Container, Special WFI-C130-NB-G
Container, Special WFI-C130-NB-T
Container, Special WFI-C5/C17-NB-G
Container, Special WFI-C5/C17-NB-T
Shipping And Storage Container, T 30-15545-600
Shipping And Storage Container, E 10-120942
Shipping And Storage Container, C DE 24 42-02/27/02 21U
Shipping And Storage Container, E 10650135
Tray Assembly 15700017
Tray Assembly 15700021
Container, Special 15500003
Container, Drawer 15500103
Container, Drawer 15500102
Container, Lock Bar 15500021
Container Expandable Wall Comman EWCC208
Containerized, Command Center CCC208
Container, Collapsible, Shipping AKHS/AIAG
Case, Shipping And Storage, Magnet AL5545-2305-15671-800
Container, Collapsible, Shipping AK2
Container, Collapsible, Shipping AK3
Container, Collapsible, Shipping AK3230
Container, Collapsible, Shipping AK4
Container, Collapsible, Shipping AK5
Shipping And Storage Container, H AL2221-2804
Shipping And Storage Container, H AL2221-1805
Shipping And Storage Container, T AL3018-0402
Shipping And Storage Container, E 34531-1
Case, Electrical Equipment Cabine 11502
Shipping And Storage Container, M 02-1845
Shipping And Storage Container, R BN9197/00-30
Stuffing Box 563-6986326-A8
Stuffing Box 563-6985326-A7
Shelf, Shipping And Storage 1041A
Mobility, Caster Phenolic Wheel S WFI-UMW-G

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