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Specialized Shipping And Storage Containers - FSC 8145

Specially Designed Components (not Elsewhere Classifiable) Peculiar To Special Shipping And Storage Containers As Delimited Under This Class.
Last Modified: Apr 08, 2020

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Skid, Frame Assembly, Shipping 6999T28P03
Skid, Frame Assembly, Shipping 6999T28P05
Link, Frame Assembly 3999T39P01
Strap Assembly P50618
Guide Stringer, Frame Assembly, Sh 6999T28P04
Divider, Shipping Co 2-13145
Support, Nozzle, Rear P50854
Shipping And Storage Container, A 7545563-10
Block, Wood, Container 8115CON024-22
Cover, Shipping And Storage Conta 2064777
Cover, Shipping And Storage Conta 2064298
Shipping And Storage Container, E P4021552
Tube, Shipping Container, Engine 5999T21P10
Skid, Frame Assembly, Shipping 5999T20P10
Skid, Frame Assembly, Shipping 5999T20P11
Plate, Support 5999T20P37
Angle, Slotted, Shipping 2000T02P01
Angle, Slotted, Shipping 2000T02P04
Angle, Slotted, Shipping 2000T02P03
Angle, Slotted, Shipping 2000T02P05
Stringer 5999T20P45
Stringer 5999T20P46
Protector, Shipping 5999T20P49
Strapping, Shipping 5999T20P500
Shipping Assembly, Engine P4006406
Container, Shipping-storage, Proje 15098
Container, Shipping-storage, Hydro 15097
Container, Fuel 15071
Container, Module 995208-1AND995208-2
Disk, Protective, Con 9441M24P08
Eye, Lifting, Contain 9441M24P04
Shear, Mount 22296-2
Cover, Receptacle 106C7150P11
Plate, Orientation 106C7150P13
Mount, Shear J15799-1
Valve, Breather TA750-V-10
Receptacle, Containe 106C7149P23
Cover, Container 106C7149P22
Plate, Datum 106C7149P40
Chain Sash 106C7149P38
Cover, Receptacle 106C7149P37
Valve, Breather TA750-P-30
Cushion, Container 106C7149P45
Support, Shipping And Storage Con 9441M21P03
Support, Shipping And Storage Con 9441M21P05
Bracket Assembly 309C018-2
Bracket Assembly 309C018-1
Shipping And Storage Kit, Engine 37D403027G02
Block, Shipping 5003290
Block, Shipping 99-4058
Block, Shipping 99-5104
End Plate, Lifting F 9441M24P07
Cover, Shipping And Storage Conta 2074319
Housing, Shipping An 17C012-4
Container, Shipping 376E001-1
Container, Transmis 209-040-004MUSC-1
C0ntainer, Hub 214-010-100MUSC-31
Container, Storage P40566
Skid, Shipping Container, Transmis VA976-003-1
Hub Support, Shippin 114G1183-4
Covers Group 2P9310
Container Assembly, Shipping And 15059-4
Container Assembly, Shipping And 15059-6
Container Assembly, Shipping And 15059-7
Container Assembly, Shipping And 15059-8
Shear, Pipe, Shipping 17C012-10
Cover, Air Inlet, Shipping And Sto P9095
Cover, Air Inlet, Shipping Contain P11858
Shipping And Storage Container, H A02G1091-72
Bracket Assembly, Sh 6470-85022-047
Container, Fuel Cont 14800
Container, Handling MP101213
Container, Chaff Dispenser 15251
Receptacle, Shipping 17C025
Cushion, Shipping Co 205R002-1
Cushion, Container 204-011-250MUSC11
Cushion, Shipping 205R003-1
Clamp, Shipping Cona 206-037SA-7
Liner 8115"3(019-39
Pad 6470-85115-110
Liner 8115CON019-41
Liner, Clamp, Container 8115CON019-47
Shipping And Storage Container, E 13A7320-4
Container, Shipping 8145-CON-005-1
Runner STD068
Cover, Air Inlet, Shipping And Sto P14651
Container Assembly, Radar 51135-1-001
Shipping And Storage Container, E P31272
Shipping And Storage Container, E P52238
Cover, Shipping Stor 205R001-6
Shipping Case MG24
Lock Ring, Shipping 8145SDP000-1
Container, Rotor1sta 15362
Container, Pod 15334
Latch Assembly 3-14806
Strap Assembly 3-10153-3
Valve, Breather TA300-15-05-R
Handle-drop, Spring 3-07639-23
Skid, Shipping Conta 205R001-14
Bracket Assembly, Container 416B5-2

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