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Tents And Tarpaulins - FSC 8340

Tent Pins; Tent Poles; Multiple Purpose Covers Of Woven Or Unwoven Fabrics, Not For Permanent Installation.
Last Modified: Jul 07, 2020

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Fly, Tent 5-4-7649-2
Roof Section, Tent 5-13-2520G1REV H
Frame, Tent 5-4-7582-1
Tent MIL-T-44243
Tent MIL-T-44243
Tent MIL-T-44243
Tent MIL-T-44243
Tent MIL-T-44243
Tent MIL-T-44243
Cover, Access, Sonar 77C730451P1
Tent Liner-bag Set 94101-2L
Tent Liner-bag Set 94101-4L
Tent MIL-T-44271
Tent MIL-T-44271
Floor, Tent
Floor, Tent
Tent Section 13217E0953
Dropcloth, Painter's 10001
Dropcloth, Painter's 58903
Shelter, Aircrew Survival, Multi-p 42600C-VP1
Shelter, Aircrew Survival, Multi-p 42600C-VP2
Tent Body Assembly MIL-T-44427
Shelter, Aircrew Survival, Multi-p 42600C-VP3
Fly Assembly MIL-PRF-44423
Frame Assembly 5-4-7582
Shelter, Aircrew Survival, Multi-p 42600C-VP4
Fly Assembly 5-4-7649-1
Gutter, Rain, Tent MIL-DTL-44400
Gutter, Rain, Tent MIL-DTL-44400
Tent, Combat, Two Man 2628916
Tent Liner MIL-DTL-43492
Floor, Tent MIL-DTL-43492
Support, Tarpaulin Frame 122886-1
Tent CN PD 01-03
Tent CN PD 01-03
Lightweight Maintenance Enclosur CN/PD/LME-04-03
Tent CN PD 01-03
Tent 0040TG
Tent 0040TT
Tent 0050TG
Tent 0050TT
Tent 0060TG
Tent 0060TT
Temper Interface, Champ 65000-100 TAN
Temper Interface, Champ 65000-100 GREEN
Plenum, Tent 5-4-8641
Plenum, Tent 5-4-8628
Plenum, Tent 5-4-8637
Plenum, Tent 5-4-8635
Plenum, Tent 5-4-8622
Plenum, Tent 5-4-8639
Tent 00100T
Tent 00100G
Utilities Support Unit, Tent, Trai 83008
Utilities Support Unit, Tent, Trai T2-80332
Utilities Support Unit, Tent, Trai T2-93040
Tent Section 93144T
Tent Component Kit 90223 TAN
Tent 55-A-2105 SYSTEM SMALL
Tent 55-A-2110 SYSTEM MEDIUM
Tent 55-A-2114 SYSTEM LARGE
Pole, Tent 5-19-11602-10
Pole, Tent 5-19-11602-20
Tent 606-98
Tent 605-98
Frame, Tent 50021809
Tent 324-99
Tent, Fabric Assy 5-4-6341-2
Tent, Fabric Assy 5-4-6341-2
Combat, Tent Repair 2628934
Stake, Hold-down Tent 5651786
Net, Tent 2628944
Shock Cord, Tent 5651805
Tent 100400T
Tent 100400G
Tent, Combat Sleeve 5651785
Tent, Combat Lock 5630032
Tent, Combat Rainfly 2628940
Tent, Combat Poles 2628933
Tent, Combat Fabric 2628941
Combat, Tent Cord 2628937
Tent, Liner, Prefabricated Buildin 53-0038
Tent, Liner, Prefabricated Buildin 56-0036
Tent, Liner, Prefabricated Buildin 56-0037
Tent, Liner, Prefabricated Buildin 53-0039
Tent, Liner, Prefabricated Buildin 53-0037
Hook, Tent 500442
Cable, Guy Assembly 500071
Terminator, Cable 500240
Bracket Assembly, Terminator 500090
Pulley Assembly 500032
Roller Assembly 500037
Roller Assembly, Double 500633
Line, Tent 500228
Anchor Plate, Tent 500544
Strap, Tiedown Tent 5655411
Strap, Tiedown Tent 5655100
Container, Rain Fly 2628932
Container, Tent Pole 2628936

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