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Tents And Tarpaulins - FSC 8340

Tent Pins; Tent Poles; Multiple Purpose Covers Of Woven Or Unwoven Fabrics, Not For Permanent Installation.
Last Modified: Jul 06, 2020

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Container, Tent Tran 2628935
Fly, Tent 2628931
Tent, Canvas 2628930
Pitching Web, Rain 2628939
Cord, Combat Tent 2628938
Toggle, Tent 5625151
Container, Medical Shelter AK-SSS-CONT-1
Container, Medical Shelter AK-SSS-CONT-2
Tent MIL-C-44404
Insulator, Underfloo 93080
Insulator, Underfloo 93073
Door, Tent 90077
Door, Tent 90074
Insulator, Underfloo 93067
Insulator, Underfloo 93070
Lightset, Four Bulb 40160
Heater, Multi-fuel 830416
Wood Stake, Pin Set 9979
Steel Stake, Pin Set 9981
Connector, Shelter 9975
Satellite, Dish Cove 0070T
Curtain, Modesty, Tent 9305
Tent, Canvas G5-9151-25
Shelter, Small, Af AK-SS-2
Shelter, Small, Af AK-SS-1
Tent MIL-DTL-44271B
Pin, Tent A38562
Tent 100200
Tent 100200
Tent 100300G
Tent 100300
Tent 100500
Tent 100600
Tent 100600
Tent 10020T
Tent 10020T
Tent 10030T
Tent 100500
Tent 10030T
Tent 10040T
Tent 10040T
Tent 10050T
Tent 10050T
Tent 10060T
Tent 10060T
Shelter, Combat AMSSB-PM-RST-E(N)
Frame, Assembly CMC-7862
Support, Tent Frame CMC-7863-1
Arch, Tent Frame CMC-7864
Arch, Tent Frame CMC-7869
Repair Kit, Tentage 5-4-8159-1
Frame, Assembly With Cable Header CMC-7863-2
Bag, Tent Pin 5-4-8728-1
Fabric Assembly, Intermediate Pan CMC-7893
Fabric Assembly, End Panel CMC-7895
Transport Cover, Frame CMC-7953
Transport Cover, Frame CMC-7954
Side, Assembly CMC-7879
Lower Leg Assembly CMC-7877
Extension Assembly, CMC-7950
Door Header Assembly Tent CMC-7885
Cover, Fabric CMC-7952
Cover, Fabric CMC-7951
Fibrous Cord CSB050-0002-016
Poly Fibrous Cord H16450779L610A
Tent DB200GT
Tent DB200GW
Tent Section JWA5113
Tent Section JWA4000
Tent Liner JWA6002
Floor, Tent 2480127
Pole, Tent 2500002
Bag, Tent Frame Parts 2480115
Bag, Tent Frame Parts 2480118
Bag, Tent Frame Parts 2480116
Bag, Tent Frame Parts 2480117
Pole, Tent 2490000
Tent Section 2482000
Tent Section 2481000
Pole, Tent 2500020
Cable, Header, Assembly CMC-7889
Hitch Clip Pin Assembly 5-4-3342
Roof Section, Tent 5685539
Stake, Hold-down Tent 5440664
Stake, Hold-down Tent 5685537
Support, Tarpaulin Frame 863-830010
Tarpaulin 863-830001
Tent T2-80190G
Connector, Shelter 109975G
Connector, Shelter 109975T
Connector, Shelter 9975
Window, Tent 193056
Curtain, Modesty, Tent 193057
Vestibule, Tent 91100T
Vestibule, Tent 91100G
Tent Component Kit 190223G
Tent Component Kit 190223T
Tarpaulin K-P-146 TY2
Tarpaulin MIL-DTL-32063
Tarpaulin MIL-DTL-32063

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