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Plate, Sheet, Strip, Foil, And Leaf - FSC 9515

Armor Plate; Black Plate; Floor Plate; Leaf; Perforated Sheet And Strip; Shim Stock.
Last Modified: Mar 02, 2021

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Armor Plate 135257-64
Armor Plate 135257-65
Armor Plate 135257-7A
Armor Plate 135257-72A
Armor Plate 135257-73A
Plate, Metal 136488
Plate, Metal 136465
Plate, Metal 136286
Plate, Metal 2099350
Sheet, Metal ASTM-A666CL304FN2B,11GA
Sheet, Metal ASTM-A666CL304FN2B,16GA
Plate, Metal 9238990550
Armor Plate 135257-67
Armor Plate 135257-66
Plate, Metal 214347
Plate, Metal ABSRULES/60WX20FTLGX1.375THK
Sheet, Metal AMS-5510P 0.078"X24"X96",",","3
Sheet, Metal AMS5525-A286-0.040X24X96
Sheet, Metal AMS 5910,304,1/4HD,0.020X48X96
Shim Stock, Laminated 5PTE7000-601
Shim Stock, Laminated 5PTE7000-627
Strip, Metal 5PTC7006TH
Strip, Metal 5PTC7006CD
Strip, Metal 5PTC7006TG
Strip, Metal 5PTC7006TF
Strip, Metal 5PTC7006TJ
Strip, Metal 5PTC7006TE
Strip, Metal 5PTC7006TD
Strip, Metal 5PTC7006TC
Strip, Metal 5PTC7006TK
Plate, Floor, Metal 12477573
Plate, Metal 12477587
Plate, Metal 12477568
Sheet, Metal AMS5518 COMPOSITION 301
Sheet, Metal AMS 6350 COMPOSITION 4130
Armor Plate 12976753-1
Plate, Metal 23031451
Plate, Floor, Metal 12477598
Strip, Metal 12370463
Armor Plate LS1005595-PG
Sheet, Metal AMS 5121
Sheet, Metal 472227
Plate, Metal ABS RULES,GRAH-36,1.00X.187THK
Plate, Metal ABS RULES,GRAH-36,2.50X.375THK
Plate, Metal ABS RULES,AH-36,1.25X1.25X.250
Sheet, Metal AMS5520-0-040X36X120
Sheet, Metal AMS5518
Plate S 0240356
Plate La3 07.0707.0017
Sheet, Metal 150-021-21B1-2
Sheet, Metal 150-021-21B2-4
Sheet, Metal 150-021-73B1-2
Sheet, Metal 150-021-73B2-4
Sheet, Metal AMS-QQ-A-250/1-H14 0.008X48X144
Sheet, Metal QQ-A-250/8-H34 0.037X48X144
Sheet, Metal AMS-T-9046
Armor, Turret Ring 12476645
Foil, Metal AMS-QQ-A-250/1-H14 0.003X10X14 B
Foil, Metal QQ-A-250-1 COND H14 BLACK ANODIZ
Foil, Metal MMS901
Plate, Metal 3177433
Plate, Metal 3003470
Plate, Metal 3003379
Plate, Metal ASTM-A240
Sheet, Metal ASTM A666 CL301 C-1/2 F2B 0.040
Sheet, Metal ASTM A666 CL301 CND-A F2B 0.093
Sheet, Metal QQS766CL302CONDA0-050
Sheet, Metal ASTM A366
Sheet, Metal ASTMA167-.032TY312N02DCOLDROLLED
Sheet, Metal QQS698CONDHRCQFNSHHRC0-090X36X48
Armor Plate 12463040
Sheet, Metal ASTM A666 CL301 CND-A F2D 0.063
Sheet, Metal AMS5513TY304
Foil, Metal MILS5059COMP302CD A0.002
Sheet, Metal AMS5516
Sheet, Metal ASTMA366-0.120X36X96
Plate, Metal 12408302
Plate, Metal 12408305
Plate, Metal 12408301
Plate, Metal 135296-164
Plate, Metal 135296-165
Armor Plate 135257-1A
Armor Plate 136208
Armor Plate 12350247-1
Armor Plate 12350247-2
Armor Plate 12350248-1
Armor Plate 12350248-2
Plate, Metal 5HG64002-211
Plate, Metal 5HG64002-173
Plate, Metal 5HG40015-121
Armor Plate 12994775
Sheet, Metal AMS6359,4340,0.031X36X96
Sheet, Metal AMS6359,4340,0.040X36X96
Sheet, Metal AMS6359,4340,0.016X36X96
Armor Plate LS1005573
Armor Plate LS1005572
Armor Plate LS1005577
Armor Plate LS1005575
Sheet, Metal MIL-S-6721
Armor Plate LS1005549-PG1

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