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Plate, Sheet, Strip, Foil, And Leaf - FSC 9515

Armor Plate; Black Plate; Floor Plate; Leaf; Perforated Sheet And Strip; Shim Stock.
Last Modified: Feb 28, 2021

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Armor Plate 4662103
Armor Plate 4662744
Armor Plate 4662104
Armor Plate 4662105
Armor Plate 4662745
Armor Plate 4662106
Armor Plate 4662751
Armor Plate 4662107
Armor Plate 4662108-011
Armor Plate 4662190
Armor Plate 4662581
Armor Plate 4662108-012
Armor Plate 4662121-010
Armor Plate 4662121-011
Plate, Metal 90006A0341
Armor Plate 4R9666
Armor Plate 12337736-2
Armor Plate 12337736-1
Armor Plate 12337736-3
Shim Stock, Laminated MIL-S-22499-.062IN-CONDH39-TYPE1
Plate, Metal 2T3434
Sheet, Metal MIL-S-5059-0.0250 THICK-18IN
Sheet, Metal MIL-S-5059-0.0500 THICK-18IN
Armor Plate 12337735
Strip, Metal ASTM-B168 .125X.375X6.0
Strip, Metal ASTM-B168 .125X1.0X6.0CO-
Strip, Metal ASTM-B168 .125X.750X6.0C-
Plate, Metal AII-MTS-01-214APPENDIXAITEM23
Plate, Metal AII-MTS-01-214APPENDIXAITEM24
Plate, Metal 7324513ITEM001
Plate, Metal AII-MTS-01-214APPENDIXAITEM16
Plate, Metal AII-MTS-01-214APPENDIXCITEM1-6
Plate, Metal AII-MTS-01-214APPENDIXCITEM1-7
Plate, Metal AII-MTS-01-214APPENDIXCITEM1-8
Plate, Metal 517-7503149ITEM13
Plate, Metal 517-7503149ITEM35
Plate, Metal 803-5959325ASSY9D
Plate, Metal 517-7503147ITEM14
Plate, Metal 517-7503147ITEM19
Plate, Metal 517-7503147ITEM21
Plate, Metal 517-7503147ITEM22
Plate, Metal 517-7503147ITEM23
Plate, Metal 517-7503147ITEM41
Plate, Metal 401-7503544ITEM28
Plate, Metal 517-7503147ITEM48
Plate, Metal 803-6651819ITEM-43
Plate, Metal 517-7503151ITEM13
Plate, Metal 517-7503151ITEM19
Plate, Metal 517-7503149ITEM19
Plate, Metal 517-7503149ITEM75
Plate, Metal 255454PC2150
Plate, Metal 517-7503149ITEM76
Plate, Metal 517-7503149ITEM90-CVLI
Strip, Metal 3495318
Armor Plate 465-5911
Sheet, Metal AMS 5528 0.063X10X36
Sheet, Metal MIL-S-18729-CDN-0.020X6X36
Sheet, Metal MIL-S-18729-CDN-0.080X6X36
Sheet, Metal MIL-S-18729-CDN-0.063
Sheet, Metal MIL-S-18729-CDN-0.125X6X18
Sheet, Metal MIL-S-18729-CDA-0,040X6X18
Sheet, Metal MIL-S-18729-CDA-0,063X6X36
Sheet, Metal MIL-S-18729-CDA-0,125X6X36
Sheet, Metal AMS 5510-0,020X36X10
Sheet, Metal AMS 5510-0,036X36X10
Sheet, Metal AMS 5510-0,040X36X10
Sheet, Metal AMS 5510-0,012X36X10
Sheet, Metal AMS 5516-COMP302-0,016X36X10
Sheet, Metal AMS 5516-COMP302-0,020X36X10
Sheet, Metal AMS 5510-0,062X36X10
Sheet, Metal AMS 5512-0,032X24X8
Sheet, Metal AMS 5510-0,160X36X10
Sheet, Metal AMS 5517-COMP301-0.025X24X8
Sheet, Metal AMS 5510-0,190X36X12
Sheet, Metal AMS 5516-COMP302-0,050X36X10
Sheet, Metal AMS 5517-COMP301-0,012X36X10
Sheet, Metal AMS 5517-COMP301-0,063X36X10
Sheet, Metal AMS 5517-COMP301-0.016X36X10
Sheet, Metal AMS 5516-COMP302-0,025X36X10
Sheet, Metal AMS 5518-COMP301-0,025X24X8
Sheet, Metal AMS 5516-COMP302-0,032X36X10
Sheet, Metal AMS 5517-COMP301-0,040X36X10
Sheet, Metal AMS 5517-COMP301-0,050X36X10
Sheet, Metal AMS 5517-COMP301-0,020X36X10
Sheet, Metal AMS 5518-COMP301-0,016X36X10
Sheet, Metal AMS 5517-COMP301-0,020X48X8
Sheet, Metal AMS 5517-COMP301-0,080X24X8
Sheet, Metal AMS 5518-COMP301-0,063X36X10
Sheet, Metal AMS 5518-COMP301-0,020X36X10
Sheet, Metal AMS 5517-COMP301-0,090X48X12
Sheet, Metal AMS 5517-COMP301-0,112X36X10
Sheet, Metal AMS 5518-COMP301-0,100X36X10
Sheet, Metal AMS 5518-COMP301-0,040X36X10
Sheet, Metal AMS 5518-COMP301-0,045X36X10
Sheet, Metal MIL-S-18729-CDN-0.040X6X18

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