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Plate, Sheet, Strip, And Foil; Nonferrous Base Metal - FSC 9535

Leaf; Perforated Sheet And Strips.
Last Modified: Jul 09, 2020

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Plate, Metal 12383192
Strip, Metal QQ-A-200/11-T6511,0.050X0.950X2
Strip, Metal AMS-QQ-A-200/11
Plate, Metal QQ-A-250/4
Sheet, Metal AMS-QQ-A-250/1
Plate, Metal C315569
Sheet, Metal QQ-A-250/12 7075-T7351 1.25X3.1X
Sheet, Metal MIL-S-12875
Plate, Metal AMS-QQ-A-250/12
Plate, Metal SA7143269
Plate, Metal MIL-C-15726
Plate, Metal MIL-C-15726,NICU
Sheet, Metal QQ-A-250/5T3-0.190THK12X12
Strip, Metal AMS-QQ-A-250/T4-0.312THK22X1
Shim Stock, Artus 909242
Sheet, Metal QQ-A-250/24 7075T76 0.140 48X144
Sheet, Metal AMS5608B
Plate, Floor, Metal 1114304
Plate, Metal AMS 4050 0.625 48X144
Strip, Metal S6125-55006-12
Shim Stock, Laminated 901-033-777-117
Shim Stock, Laminated 901-033-777-119
Shim Stock, Laminated 901-033-777-116
Shim Stock, Laminated 901-033-777-121
Plate, Metal QQ-A-250/12 T7351 0.250 48X144
Foil, Metal QQ-A-250/1 1100-H14 0.003X36X96
Plate, Metal QQ-A-250/29-T851,1.750X48X96
Plate, Floor, Metal LSCP930049
Plate, Metal G05109-012
Strip, Metal 70150-09113-102
Strip, Metal 6242 1.0X6.0X0.032
Plate, Metal 1361956
Shim Stock, Laminate 120-008C45-15
Shim Stock, Laminate 901-033-777-115
Plate, Metal 1461829
Plate, Metal 1461833
Plate, Metal 1443016
Sheet, Metal AMS 4100-T761,0.063X48X144
Plate, Metal 1250099
Sheet, Metal MIL-T-9046 AB-1 CDA 0.190X36X12
Sheet, Metal MIL-T-9046,CP-3,CDA,0.050X36X96
Sheet, Metal QQ-A-250/12-T6 0.125X36X12
Sheet, Metal AMS-QQ-A-250/25
Sheet, Metal AMS 4919 TI 6242 0.190X36X96
Sheet, Metal AMS 4919 TI 6242 0.125X36X96
Plate, Floor, Metal 12412560
Plate, Floor, Metal 12412562
Shim Stock, Laminate 120-008C18-12
Plate, Metal 845-2445195PC2-1
Plate, Metal 1975900
Sheet, Metal QQ-C-576
Foil, Metal MIL-L-47088-.50W
Plate, Metal MIL-T-9046
Plate, Metal MIL-T-9046 AB-1 CDA 3.5X36X144
Sheet, Metal 207-4-414 AB-1 CDA 1.500X36X96
Plate, Metal CVC774D10NA11-7
Plate, Metal RIA148764
Sheet, Metal AMS4911,TI,CDA0.100THKX36WX96L
Sheet, Metal 439503103
Sheet, Metal 439503107
Sheet, Metal 439503108
Sheet, Metal 439503105
Sheet, Metal 1060962-1
Sheet, Metal 465528-1
Sheet, Metal 432344-104
Sheet, Metal 463475-1
Sheet, Metal 432301-104
Sheet, Metal 432301-105
Sheet, Metal 1255408
Strip, Metal ASTM B194,172,TD02,0.010X6X96
Plate, Metal 232-3959-01
Armor Plate 12986327
Armor Plate 12986322
Shim Stock, Laminated 120550-9
Plate, Metal QQ-A-250/29
Strip, Metal 6Y6593
Plate, Metal 96-9077
Strip, Metal 9236070004
Strip, Metal 9236070001
Strip, Metal 9236070003
Sheet, Metal 247131-96
Sheet, Metal 247133-96
Sheet, Metal 1344424
Foil, Metal MIL-L-47088 1000FTX1INX.0015IN
Plate, Metal 114620-4
Plate, Metal 114621-2
Sheet, Metal AMS-QQ-A-250/7
Plate, Metal 74175-2
Plate, Metal 74175-4
Plate, Metal 74175-5
Sheet, Metal DTD5023B
Sheet, Metal AMS490072INX36INX0.048INTHK
Sheet, Metal DTD5023B-72INX36INX0.028INTHK
Sheet, Metal DTD5023B-72INX36INX0.018INTHK
Sheet, Metal AMS490072INX36INX0.0148INTHK
Sheet, Metal AMS490072INX36INX0.0164INTHK
Sheet, Metal AMS490072INX36INX0.022IN
Sheet, Metal DTD5023B-72INX36INX0.08INTHK
Sheet, Metal DTD5023B-72INX36INX0.064INTHK
Sheet, Metal DTD5023B-72INX36INX0.024INTHK

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