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Plate, Sheet, Strip, And Foil; Nonferrous Base Metal - FSC 9535

Leaf; Perforated Sheet And Strips.
Last Modified: Jul 08, 2020

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Sheet, Metal DMS 2234
Sheet, Metal DMS 2234
Strip, Metal DMS1592,6AL-4V,0.125X2X36
Plate, Metal 12382284
Plate, Metal 12382269
Plate, Metal 704-6294477 ITEM 28
Sheet, Metal AMS4027
Strip, Metal AMS 4914,0.012X16
Plate, Floor, Metal 12382315
Shim Stock, Laminated AMS 4013
Plate, Metal ASTM B209-1/2INTHK
Plate, Floor, Metal 10885891-4
Plate, Metal 12470639-1
Armor Plate 12358354
Strip, Metal LS1006586
Plate, Metal 5HG64002-149
Plate, Metal 5HG64002-191
Plate, Metal 5HG64022-111
Strip, Metal LS1006584
Strip, Metal LS1006582
Strip, Metal LS1005392
Strip, Metal LS1005393
Plate, Metal 12994774
Sheet, Metal 150-021-8B2-4
Sheet, Metal 150-021-4B2-4
Shim Stock, Laminated BACS40X011B028
Sheet, Metal QQ-A-250/11-T6,0.050X3X3IN
Plate, Metal ASTM B209
Plate, Metal ASTM B209-6061- T4 0.125TK
Armor Plate 12466147
Plate, Metal 2843210-1
Plate, Metal 283351-103
Plate, Floor, Metal 154119-1
Plate, Floor, Metal 154096
Plate, Floor, Metal 154119-2
Armor Plate 2588878
Strip, Metal 4R9658
Plate, Metal 4R9537
Plate, Metal 1234386
Sheet, Metal 7475-T761-.050X84X144
Sheet, Metal 7475-T761-.125X84X144
Sheet, Metal 7475-T761-.073X84X144
Plate, Metal 112-7432964ITEM003
Plate, Metal 112-7432965ITEM005
Plate, Floor, Metal LS1014189
Plate, Floor, Metal LS1014191
Sheet, Metal 6391037
Sheet, Metal 6391037
Sheet, Metal 6391037
Sheet, Metal 6391037
Sheet, Metal DMS 1592
Sheet, Metal DMS 1592,6AL-4V,CDA,0.100X36X96
Sheet, Metal DMS 2234
Sheet, Metal DMS 2234
Sheet, Metal DMS 2234
Sheet, Metal DMS 2234
Sheet, Metal DMS 2234
Sheet, Metal DMS 2234
Sheet, Metal DMS 1719
Sheet, Metal DMS 1719
Sheet, Metal DMS 1719
Sheet, Metal DMS 1719
Sheet, Metal DMS 1719
Plate, Metal AMS-QQ-A-250/12-T7351 0.5X48X144
Plate, Metal AMSQQA200/11-T7351 1.125X48X144
Foil, Metal 38008
Sheet, Metal AMS-QQ-A-250/12-0, 0.090X48X144
Plate, Metal AMSQQ-A-250/12-T7351,3.10X48X144
Plate, Metal AMSQQA250/12-T7351 2.70X48X144
Plate, Metal AMS-QQ-A-250/12-T651 0.75X48X144
Sheet, Metal AMS-QQ-A-250/5 T312FTX4FTX.050IN
Shim Stock, Laminated UPA42223
Sheet, Metal AMSQQA250/12-T7351 0.125X48X144
Plate, Metal AMSQQA250/12-T7351 0.570X48X144
Plate, Metal AMSQQA250/12-T7351 0.090X48X144
Sheet, Metal 89015K11
Plate, Floor, Metal 189-318
Plate, Floor, Metal 189-293
Foil, Metal PTP-50
Plate, Floor, Metal 189-702
Plate, Metal 90006A0102
Plate, Metal 90006V0008
Plate, Metal 90006P0020
Sheet, Metal AII-MTS-03-225TABLE1ITEM5
Foil, Metal 5811747
Sheet, Metal AMS-QQ-A-250/11-CD0-0,190X12X48
Sheet, Metal AMS-QQ-A-250/11-CDT4-0,032X12X36
Sheet, Metal AMS-QQ-A-250/11-CDT6-0,060X12X48
Sheet, Metal AMS-QQ-A-250/2-CDH14-0,090X12X48
Sheet, Metal AMS-QQ-A-250/11-CDT4-0,090X12X48
Sheet, Metal QQ-S-698.0.120X8X48
Foil, Metal QQ-A-1876
Plate, Metal P70750012
Sheet, Metal AM-S-QQ-A-250/5-CD0-0.190X12X48
Sheet, Metal MIL-S-25043-0.62IN THICK/COND A
Sheet, Metal AM-S-QQ-A-250/8-CD0-0.090X8X36
Sheet, Metal QQ-S-698.0.105X8X36
Sheet, Metal AMS 4900,2M X 1M X 1.2MM
Sheet, Metal AMS 4900,2M X 1M X 0.7MM
Sheet, Metal AMS-QQ-A-250/1-CD0-0,020X36X8

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